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Zero Carbon Guildford 

Zero Carbon Guilford is creating a space for community collaboration. This space will focus on building resilience and adaptation, to help Guildford cope with the accelerating challenges posed by ecological destruction and the climate crisis. 


By creating a 'Climate Emergency Centre' we aim to engage Guildford residents from all walks of life in building a community-driven action plan, which focuses not just on mitigating the climate crisis, but on how Guildford can adapt and thrive as a community faced with the challenges of a changing planet.


Many parts of the world are already struggling to cope with the effects of climate change. Guildford may not suffer to the same extent, but we will undoubtedly face myriad social and environmental issues as the climate and ecological emergency worsens - flooding, food insecurity, air pollution, and a mental health crisis at a minimum. 


To cope with these challenges, we need to acknowledge that our best chance to is to abandon the failing approach of tackling crises from an ideological position, and to build genuine collaboration, across political lines, across falsely constructed demographic and ‘class’ divides, by beginning work on resilience and adaptation for the long term future of our borough, our younger generations, and our community as a whole. 


Zero Carbon Guildford will be platforming solutions and practical guidance to help us all - individuals, businesses, and organisations - work together in a fair and equitable way. We aim to model and employ local solutions to tackle global crises, and in doing so make Guildford a pioneering town in how communities come together to face existential challenges. 


We can avoid the worst of the climate crisis. But only if we act soon, act together, and act with the strength of our communities that this crisis calls for. 


We need you involved to make this work, so whatever your background, skills, or experience, we’d love for you to get in touch to discuss how you can help.

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