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ZERO is a community space set up to drive a community-led climate action plan. Promoting education and solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation, we're bringing together the work happening locally to lead by example in how community-led action can tackle the climate crisis. 

Zero Carbon Guildford is reliant on donations to cover the running costs of ZERO. Every donation we receive helps us to keep our doors open for another day, and the generosity of the general public has already helped us to gain national recognition in winning the Innovative UK Community Project award from the Climate Coalition in 2023! 

There are several ways you can help the charity continue its work in developing community projects that restore and protect the local environment, reduce waste, and tackle the emissions driving climate change. 


In fact, you can support us financially without even paying any money from your own pocket.


Our impact is often felt nationally, and we have supported over 40 groups from across the UK in replicating the ZERO model, so please consider whether you can help us, wherever you are.

How you can join hundreds of UK residents in supporting Zero Carbon Guildford:

1. Donate Directly - You can send us a one-time payment or make regular donations. Sign up on the right hand side of this page! 

2. Donate Whilst You Shop - Your purchases of everyday items can send us donations, and it costs you nothing! We wouldn't encourage unnecessary consumption, but companies from Screwfix to Just Eat to Microsoft will give a percentage of your everyday purchases to charity - so why not make it us. Find out how it works at EasyFundraising. Loads of us are already doing it, so be part of those giving to the charity.

3. Scrap Your Car! - If you're thinking about trading in your car, or even ditching it in favour of a bike, you can donate the proceeds to us! Find out how at Give A Car. 

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