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Healthier journeys, happier you

We believe that the future of Guildford is safer streets, cleaner air and a vibrant community space for all. 

Start your journey


Understand the basics

The Sustrans Everyday Walking and Cycling Guide can provide essential tips on safety, route planning, and making the most of your journeys.


Identify frequent trips

Think of journeys you take often in the car that are under 5 miles. These are perfect distances for walking or wheeling. Maybe it's a trip to shop, the school run, or going to mums for a Sunday roast.


Try different routes

It's good to have a few options for getting from A to B. You might have a fast route, one more scenic for decompressing after a long day and another that's safer in bad weather.


Remove the barriers

Here's a fun fact - if something is difficult to do, chances are, you won't do it! If your bike currently resides in a cobweb-laden shed behind a fortress of garden tools, let's change that. Accessibility is key – make it easy to grab your bike or lace up your walking shoes, and you will make active travel a seamless part of your routine.


Invest in comfortable gear

Remember the Scandinavian saying, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." Equip yourself for success with comfortable gear. Whether it's a pair of reliable walking shoes, a waterproof jacket, or a well-maintained bike and accessories, the right equipment enhances not just your comfort but your entire travel experience.


Connect with local groups

Guildford has many groups that value and support active living. Join local walking or cycling groups to meet like-minded individuals, share experiences, and discover new routes together. Community support can be a powerful motivator on your journey.

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