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Volunteer with Zero Carbon Guildford

Our community space, ZERO, is run entirely by volunteers. Volunteers do everything from organising and stewarding events, tending to the Vertical Farming towers, to managing the day to day running of the centre.

Volunteers Make ZERO Possible!

We’re always looking for people to join our amazing team of ZERO volunteers. On this page you’ll find a list of our volunteer roles.


Don’t know which role to pick? Don’t worry, we want to hear from you no matter how you want to be involved. Just select the 'General Interest' role, and we'll be in touch to talk about the ways you'd like to help out.


Once you’ve had a look at our roles, submit an application by clicking ‘Apply for this role’ on any role that interests you.

Already signed up to volunteer? Log in here to see the latest opportunities.

What Our Volunteers Say

"Helping at ZERO makes feel me involved in a bigger community of people all wanting to take action on the climate crisis." - Anna

"I have met the most amazing,  kind and driven people in ZERO. And I finally feel I can be part of a positive change." - Li

General Interest

In addition to our specific roles, we're always looking for people to get involved. If you are interested in any way, we'd love for you to apply for this 'general interest' role. There are countless ways to participate, but here are a few ideas:
• Event organising • Social media • Membership co-ordination • Running events/displays on a subject area of interest • Indoor Gardening • Art

View Role Details
ZERO Custodian

• Help the ZERO team run a welcoming and efficient venue.
• Showing prospective users around the space and meet booked users.
• Running through fire, health & safety briefings with users of the space.
• Managing a small team of Event Stewards to ensure events run smoothly.

Event Steward

• Help events and activities at ZERO run smoothly.
• Help setup ZERO for events, and clear down afterwards.
• Direct guests around the building, and provide help and information

Zero-waste Shop Volunteer

• Run the shop floor including introducing customers to zero-waste shopping and operating the till.
• Talk to customers and other volunteers about environmental issues you are interested in, ZERO projects and our local community.
• Ensure the space is tidy, well-presented and safe.
• Restock products.

Community Fridge Volunteer

• Collect food from local supermarkets.
• Serve customers.
• Ensure the fridge is kept clean and tidy.
• Handle any left-over food at the end of each day.

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