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Terracycle Guildford 

What Is Terracycle?

Terracycle is a scheme which reduces the amount of ‘hard-to-recycle’ items ending up in landfill or the ocean. Infrequently recycled items which Terracycle collects include sweet and biscuit packets, bread wrappers, cheese packaging, and loads more. Scroll down for a full list of what we accept at our Terracycle station.

There are other Terracycle streams that we can't accept for which there are alternative drop off points in the town centre:

  • Blister Packs - Superdrug (High Street)

  • Contact Lenses - Specsavers (Friary Street)

  • Brita Water Filters - Robert Dyas (North Street)

The huge amount of packaging that ends up in landfill is not because the items can’t be recycled, it’s because the councils responsible for recycling centres often don’t have the capacity, funds, or means to recycle these items. Terracycle allows you to send those infrequently recycled items somewhere to be recycled - often being made into other products, such as playground flooring or garden furniture.


A Guildford resident recycles at ZERO's Terracycle station

Guildford Terracycle

If you’re local to Guildford and you’ve heard of Terracycle you probably know Cheryl! She’s headed up CTK Recycling in Guildford for the last six years, and has been single-handedly sorting through the recycling that the community drops to her, ensuring less waste goes to landfill. 


In the last 2 years alone Cheryl has saved over 1300kg of waste from going to landfill! 


As awareness of Terracyle has grown, it’s made Cheryl’s job harder - a good problem to have, but still overwhelming when dealing with it on your own! So Zero Carbon Guildford wants to find ways to support Cheryl’s Terracycle heroics and prevent even more perfectly good recycling being buried in our earth or dumped in our oceans. 


Zero will act as a drop-off point for any of the waste streams detailed at the bottom of this page. Just make sure it’s clean and separated by product stream and we’ll do the rest!

What Does This Project Achieve? 

Waste reduction.png

Waste Reduction 

co2-reduction (1).png

Emissions Reduction 

clean oceans.png

Clean Oceans

Benefits Of Terracycle

As we’ve already noted, the main benefit of Terracycle is a drastic reduction in recyclable plastic, foil, and other materials polluting our environment. Food wrappers are now the single largest source of pollution on our beaches and rivers, and whilst some of the low-density and layered plastics can’t be effectively recycled, a significant proportion of this waste could be recycled or repurposed to cut pollution if we had better facilities and organisation.

Similarly, extractive manufacturing processes can be reduced by making use of plastics that otherwise end up in giant garbage patches in the ocean. Some examples of innovation like this include turning plastic bottles into pothole fillers - claimed to be 3 times more resistant than asphalt! - and this New Zealand enterprise which has saved 24 million printer cartridges from landfill and turning them into pens and road base!

Terracycle streams have led to a wide range of innovative waste-saving circular economy project start ups, from planters to playgrounds to ping pong tables! They don’t all start with a P! But they do all start with you getting involved with a local Terracycle scheme and reaching out to your community to transform how we consider consumption and waste in our day-to-day lives. 


In addition to the tangible waste reduction, there are hidden benefits to programmes such as Terracycle. The phrase ‘out of sight out of mind’ applies here. Our consumerist lifestyles are so convenient that we don’t even consider how things are made, the impact of manufacturing facilities on the neighbouring communities, or where our rubbish ends up. 


Schemes like Terracycle can be an effective educational tool in raising people’s conscious consideration of how their behaviour, purchasing, and consumption impacts our ecosystems and fellow human beings. Pop in to the Zero Carbon Guildford building to check out some of our displays and exhibits on circular economy and waste. 

What Problem Is This Addressing?

Most people are aware of the plastic pollution crisis, if not the true scale and severity of it.  


International Coastal Clean Up sees volunteers across the planet litter-pick our beaches and oceans. In 2019 a whopping 943,195 volunteers removing a record 4,771,602 food wrappers in a single day.

Top Tip

Preventing as much waste from entering our oceans is crucial to the future of our planet and its ecosystems. But there's a far bigger threat to our oceans and the marine life that supports food chains than plastic straws.


Up to 1m tonnes of fishing gear is lost in the ocean every single year! This is by far the biggest contributor to ocean pollution, accounting for as much as 50% of marine plastic pollution. 

So whilst every little helps, if you are serious about healing our oceans, and protecting some of the most intelligent species on our planet, it's time to stop eating fish, and put an end to the supertrawlers destroying our seas for corporate profit.

The film Seaspiracy is a good place to start if you want to learn more.

How To Use Guildford Terracycle

  1. Have a look below at the Terracycle Streams that are currently running in Guildford 

  2. Clean & collect any waste that matches the streams below

  3. Separate the waste into separate streams according to the images below…

  4. Then drop them to Zero Carbon Guildford's premises, and our volunteers will box it up ready for collection

If you’re unsure of anything, you can contact Cheryl either through the CTK Facebook page or at

Did You Know...

For each box collected Terracycle pays a rebate directly to charity! Rebate values differ by waste stream, but this added bonus means not only are you helping to keep waste out of our oceans, but you are actively helping support a good cause! CTK Recycling’s rebates go to Kicks Count, a charity focused on empowering mums-to-be and professionals to lower stillbirth rates

Terracycle Streams Recycled In Guildford


terracycle babybel.jpg

Yes Please 

Babybel labels, net bags, mini rolls flexible plastic packaging, sleeves & trays, wax, wrappers & metal clasp.

No thanks 

No other brand or cardboard packaging.

Biscuits, Crackers, Cakes

Terracyle biscuits carckers cake.jpg

Yes Please 

Single & multipack biscuits, crackers, cake, rice cakes, flapjacks, scones, mini cheddars, Ryvita-like thingies, cheese straws, Mini Cheddars, wafers, twiglets

Cereal & fruit bars / Naked bars etc

No thanks 

Chocolate wrappers or packaging 

Bread Bags

terracycle bread bags.jpg

Yes Please 

All sliced bread bags

No thanks 

Other clear plastic bags

Bread Products


Yes Please 

Any brand of bakery plastic packaging (e.g. plastic trays, zipper bags, plastic packs etc.)

No thanks 

Plastic packaging from any non-bakery items

Burt's Bees

terracycle burts bees.jpg

Yes Please 

Any brand flexible plastic & metallic plastic tubes used for body creams, ointments or moisturisers, 

Flexi plastic wrappers for face wipes, lip sticks, lip glosses & lip balms

Mascara tubes & wands, lip & cheek, highlighter & bronzer sticks, eye shadow compacts.

No thanks 

Glass, plastic, cardboard

Other brand wipes or sprays.

Cheese Packaging

terracycle cheese.jpg

Yes Please 

All brands cheese wrappers & cheese slice clear plastic

Plastic nets & flexible cheese pouches

No thanks 

Cheese tubs, trays, cardboard, aluminium, wooden boxes, cheese was or wax paper, paper cheese slice dividers, squeezy tubes, labels


terracycle cleaning.jpg

Yes Please 

Lids, wipe packets, pumps, plastic air fresheners cartridges & packaging.

Flexible plastic packaging (e.g. cloths & marigolds)

No thanks 

No bottles of laundry, bleach, lids, trigger heads or toilet products



Yes Please 

All brands flexible coffee packaging, ground coffee pouches, coffee bean pouches

No thanks 

Individual coffee bags, capsules, ground coffee, cardboard, glass packaging


terracycle dishwasher.jpg

Yes Please 

All brands flexible DW tablets, salts, stain remover, cleaning product refills

Outer sleeves & packaging DW tab tubs and DW cleaner, air fresheners

No thanks 

Bottles, tubs, cardboard, laundry, bleach, household cleaning products

Ferrero Rocher

terracycle ferrero rocher.jpg

Yes Please 

Ferrero Rocher gold plastic tray, aluminium wrappers, plastic box and plastic box wrappers.

No thanks 

No paper casings, cardboard packaging or any other brand.

Gloves (Disposable)

terracycle disposable gloves.jpg

Yes Please 

Disposable gloves (latex, vinyl, nitrite, polyethylene, any colour)

No thanks 

Marigolds or cardboard packaging.


terracycle Kinder.jpg

Yes Please 

Kinder flexible plastic packaging, chocolate wrappers, aluminium foil packaging, rigid plastic packaging.

No thanks 

No other brands or cardboard packaging.

KP Snacks

terracycle KP.jpg

Yes Please 

Single & Multipack: Popcorn, nuts, pretzels, pork scratchings, Lentil curls, pea and hummus crisps, scampi fries & breadsticks

No thanks 

Chocolate coated nuts, seeds or fruit & nuts (see Chocolate & Sweets)

Marigold Gloves

terracycle marigold.jpg

Yes Please 

Marigold durable gloves, disposable gloves & plastic packaging.

No thanks 

No other brand of gloves

Philips Dental

Terracycle philips.jpg

Yes Please 

Electric toothbrush heads & covers, electric flosser nozzles, flossing sticks & interdental brushes and dental floss containers. Manual toothbrushes

No thanks 

Battery operated toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes & caps, outer packaging, dental floss


terracycle pringles.jpg

Yes Please 

Pringles tubes

No thanks 

Plastic lids (use council green bin)

Any other brand 

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