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Biking Basics: Where to get a bike in Guildford

Updated: Apr 7

Cycling instead of driving can significantly reduce your impact on the environment. With Guildford's stunning natural landscapes, opting for a bike over a car helps you both enjoy and preserve our local biodiversity and it also keeps our air cleaner. Not only does it mean less pollution generated by your trip, you are exposed to a fifth of the pollution you'd face in a car.

Swapping your car for a bike when you can is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. But before you can pedal off into the sunset, there's one essential thing you'll need: a bike, of course!

While we can't claim to be seasoned experts, we've rolled up our sleeves to answer some common questions that arise when venturing into the world of bike ownership. So, hop on, saddle up, and let's navigate the ins and outs of buying your trusty ride.

Should I buy new or second-hand?

Whether for your nan or your niece, buying second-hand is almost always the best bet. You will get more bang for your buck and keep your hard-earned cash within the local economy, and it is a more environmentally friendly way to go.

That's not to say you shouldn't rule out buying new. If so, we recommend supporting our local independent bike shops instead of chains. You'll get better service and support, and they'll be able to answer the trickier questions. When purchasing anything new, Ethical Consumer can help you identify companies with sustainable practices so you can vote with your wallet, but be warned; you'll be upping your budget considerably!

Where can I find a second-hand bike in Guildford?

Guildford is absolutely brimming with second-hand bikes. A quick search on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and Freecycle will show you affordable second-hand bikes for every budget. Depending on your preferences, you could find something for less than a Friday night takeaway!

For anybody out there who thinks you need to spend a lot, here’s my bike, which I picked up for £100 on Facebook marketplace which I cycled to Switzerland without as much as a flat tyre!

an image of volunteer Tom standing outside Lausanne train station in Switzerland with his £100 carrera road bike. Exhausted, but over the moon to have made it from Portsmouth.

If you're buying your first bike and want help, try asking a friend who already cycles. If you're currently short of friends who cycle, click here to read CyclingUK's guide and come and volunteer  at ZERO!

What is Bike Project Surrey?

Another solid option that has the added benefit of supporting a good cause is buying a bike from Bike Project Surrey. Bike Project Surrey, also known as the Guildford Bike Project, is a charity that recycles and refurbishes donated bikes to promote bike maintenance skills and environmental conservation. It offers affordable bikes and a welcoming community atmosphere.

Rent an e-bike with the new e-bike scheme

A new e-bike scheme is coming to Guildford, providing the opportunity to rent electric bikes for convenient and sustainable transportation. The scheme, run by Beryl, will have more than 300 e-bikes at 50 hubs located across Guildford, with a possible 90 e-bike expansion to Godalming. Pretty handy with the new Godalming & Guildford Greenway development underway.

Stay updated on the launch of the e-bike scheme through local announcements such as GBUG and Surrey County Council. You can register for updates by clicking here.


When it comes to purchasing a bike, the choice between new and second-hand depends on your preferences and budget. Buying second-hand not only offers great value for money but also supports the local economy and promotes sustainability. However, if you're leaning towards new, consider supporting local independent bike shops with sustainable practices.

Guildford offers a plethora of options for finding second-hand bikes, from online platforms like Facebook Marketplace to community initiatives like the Guildford Bike Project. Additionally, keep an eye out for the upcoming e-bike scheme, offering convenient and sustainable transportation options for Guildford residents.

So, whether you're navigating the streets of Guildford on a pre-loved bike or zipping around town on an e-bike, remember that every pedal stroke contributes to a healthier, more sustainable way of living for our community and local environment.

Writers note: This article is written by the community, for the community. If you have any top tips, updates or corrections you’d like to share, please do contact us!

Update - Tips from the Community

If you need your bike fixed, the Guildford Repair Cafe repairs bikes for free, only charging for parts if they are needed - Julie D

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