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We're Hiring: Charity Activity Coordinator

Role description for new paid role for Zero Carbon Guildford.

Zero Carbon Guildford needs an enthusiastic, organised and capable person to help build our climate activity and shape the future of the charity.

Who We Are:

Zero Carbon Guildford is a community-focused climate and environmental charity, creating a hub for local projects, events and information for all of Guildford and the surrounding area.

Our current home in Guildford town centre, on Friary Street is closing, and we are working hard to build towards the next phase of our charity, reviewing how we operate and ensuring we have the biggest impact we can. We have a great foundation to start from, having built up a strong community of volunteers and supporters, run hundreds of events and supported many projects. This is an important and exciting time in the charity’s development, and this role is vital to shaping a successful future for us.

For more information on Zero Carbon Guildford, and our climate hub in Guildford, please see our website

The role:

Zero Carbon Guildford are seeking an Activity Coordinator to help shape the future of the charity, including supporting our volunteer community, projects, and outreach to the wider Guildford and Surrey community. This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in our young charity, to help shape the future and build from our early success into something strong and impactful for the long term.

The key activities for the role are envisaged to be:

  • Volunteer coordination (climate communication): Helping to bring together and coordinate our group of volunteers, focused on engaging the public on climate and environmental topics. This includes climate communications training (candidate is not expected to be qualified to deliver this before starting), volunteer community building and communication, briefing volunteers on shift etc.

  • Liaising with community groups: Communicating and liaising with community groups to include them in projects and events, including arranging tours and events, for example, schools, churches, local businesses, clubs etc.

  • Linking to projects: Many of our projects are run by groups of volunteers, and are self-sufficient and doing valuable work. The role will be to provide a link to the wider operations of the charity and support with tracking, reporting etc.

  • Coordinating development of display and materials: The displays and exhibitions will be updated regularly to ensure our messaging is always engaging. This will be led by project groups and volunteers, but supported and coordinated by this role.

  • Being part of the Operations team: Many of the activities of Zero Carbon Guildford are coordinated by the Operations Team - a group of volunteers who run day-to-day activities, including operating the physical space (noting that we are currently between physical spaces, but we are working to remedy this). Being part of the Operations team will include communicating with the wider team, attending the Operations meetings (generally an evening meeting once a fortnight), and supporting operations tasks.

  • Exploring long term strategy: Joining discussions with volunteer teams to plan activity in the short, medium and long term, including how the charity as a whole should plan long term operating models.

  • Other activities could be included in the role depending on the skills and interests of the candidate e.g. marketing.

Key attributes needed:

If you are our Activity Coordinator, you will be well-organised, with excellent communication skills. You will be passionate about environmental and climate topics, and about making a positive impact on the community.

As such, you will:

  • Have a commitment to climate and environmental issues. A deep scientific and social knowledge is not a pre-requisite for the role, but a willingness and ability to learn more and develop this understanding is vital.

  • Be great working in a team - experience leading people and working with volunteers would be highly relevant and desirable

  • Be well-organised, able to manage your own time and reliable, including KPI tracking

  • Have excellent communication skills, including to groups and individuals with different perspectives and backgrounds

  • Be resilient to changing situations and requirements, good at problem solving and thinking on your feet

  • Have basic IT skills, for example including basic office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and experience with / ability to learn Slack, Google Drive / G-suite and Canva (note that we can help you learn these specific applications as long as you are generally IT-literate).

  • Desirable:

    • Marketing skills

    • Creativity, including aesthetic design

    • Digital design skills, for example using Canva


  • This role reports to the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Zero Carbon Guildford

  • Up to 5 days a week (part time candidates considered) plus 1 evening meeting a fortnight, may include some weekend days

  • Expectation is that the role will be based mainly in the ZERO premises while available, otherwise working from home. Some local travel will be necessary.

  • Annual salary of £27k to £32k depending on experience (or part time equivalent)

  • 12 month contract, subject to extension if charity circumstances allow

  • 25 days holiday (pro rata for part time) + bank holidays and statutory pension provision

The application deadline is the 6th October. To apply for the role of Charity Activity Coordinator, please send your CV & cover letter to, copying



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