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Supporting The Climate Coalition’s ‘Show The Love’ campaign – Green Heart 2022

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

ZERO invites you to join us in promoting a climate action campaign by The Climate Coalition – the UK’s largest alliance dedicated to action against climate change!

The Climate Coalition is a group of over 140 organisations – including the National Trust, Women's Institute, Oxfam, and RSPB – and 22 million voices strong. Every February, the Coalition runs their Show The Love campaign to demonstrate to national and local government that the public care about the climate.

This year, the campaign is a simple action – Green Heart 2022.

All you need to do is write a personal message to your MP or local decision makers on a green heart, asking them to commit to a green recovery that tackles the climate crisis. ZERO believes this is a ‘hearts and minds’ campaign that will help us get our community’s message across to Angela Richardson MP and Guildford Borough Council, demonstrating the support across the borough for creating a sustainable world that works for everyone.

We have hundreds of green wooden hearts which will create a wall display of the messages we want to convey to decision-makers. Come visit ZERO and add your voice to the campaign! Together we will share our personal stories – our hopes, our fears and our own inspirations for action – and use green hearts to show people in power that tackling the climate crisis is the fight that unites. By taking a (green) leaf from The Climate Coalition, we can push for real and rapid action to tackle the climate and nature crisis – for the love of our families, our homes, our livelihoods and our planet.

Come to Zero Carbon Guildford from 10am-4pm any day this February and write your personal message!

The Climate Coalition Community Action Pack also has more ideas on how to get involved, such as:

- Make, wear and share Green Hearts

Craftivism is a great way to get creative – combining activism and crafting! Why not craft your own green heart? Personalise your green heart for your MP and send it to them with our foldable card. You could even craft your green heart as part of a community event!

- Bake a Green Heart

If you prefer food to fabric, why not get baking? Create a green heart cake with your MP’s name on it. Take a picture and share it with your MP – this could be via social media, email or letter.

- Create a community Green Heart

Come together with local people and create a green heart out of your community members! Whether it’s on your bikes, after a tree-planting event in your local green space, or swimming in your local blue space – take a picture and share it with your MP.

- Digital Green Hearts

If online action is more your thing, you could create a digital green heart. Could you recreate a famous Valentines film? Maybe the Love Actually card scene but with green hearts? Or perhaps you could film a video with messages from your community about why they care about climate change and want to see action? Share your video on social media or via email and ask your MP to champion action on climate change!

- Write a letter or Send your MP a postcard

Invite members of your community to write letters or sent your MP a postcard about why you want them to take climate action – the more people who write, the more likely your MP is to act. You can email them easily at or send them a postcard in the post.

Get ready for green hearts everywhere!

Watch out for Zero Carbon Guildford news as we plan for The Climate Coalition’s upcoming campaign, Great Big Green Week in September 2022.

The Great Big Green Week - 24th September - 2nd October 2022.

Check out this video from the first Great Big Green Week in 2021:

The largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK took place between 18th-26th September 2021. The Great Big Green Week saw over 5000 community-led events; bat walks and bake-offs, festivals and football matches, murals and MPs in EVs, seaweed foraging and school assemblies, and everything in between.

More than 200 Local Green Weeks – Great Big Green Week community hubs – celebrated local activity, raised the profile of climate change and showed why climate action is relevant to community and local decision-makers.



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