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Leaky Homes Project: Paid Roles Available

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Applications for these roles are now closed. You can however still book a FREE energy survey, or get in touch about future opportunities, by emailing

Can you help us make a positive difference to local people facing the challenge of heating their homes this winter and beyond? We have two types of exciting roles which will help drive forward emissions reductions across Surrey, help residents who need it, and reward you for your time!

About us

Zero Carbon Guildford is a local charity, created to help residents in the borough and its surrounds to cut emissions & waste, and protect our local countryside, through a number of strategies. There are three arms to the charity, which are distinct but overlapping. These are:

  1. ZERO: Our 16,000sq foot town centre climate hub

  2. Sustainable Business Network: In partnership with University of Surrey, helping local small & medium enterprises to create carbon management plans

  3. Energy Circle: Providing advice and support to residents on energy use and reduction

Our energy circle, working in partnership with Energy Action Redhill & Reigate, has recently received funding to deliver free residential energy assessments for residents.

Using a thermal imaging camera, up-to-date energy reduction advice, and our assessment template, you can help residents to lower their bills, save energy, and be part of the movement toward a cleaner, brighter future for our communities.

We are recruiting:

  • Energy Champions: who will carry out energy surveys across Surrey (multiple positions)

  • Project Coordinator: to oversee, coordinate, and monitor the project

What is The Leaky Homes Project

The Leaky Homes Project will see Energy Champions visit the homes of local residents, providing tailor-made suggestions on how they could improve their energy efficiency, and potentially save on bills. Working with our partners at Energy Action Reigate & Redhill we hope to deliver surveys to residents across a large part of Surrey. This work has been funded by UK Power Networks (UKPN), so all the surveys will take place within the UKPN coverage area.

Using an infrared camera and standard questionnaire, trained Energy Champions will conduct home energy assessments. These typically take 30-45 mins, depending on the property. Surveys are best done in the evening, when it is cooler outside (and sunlit walls have cooled). The Energy Champion discusses any findings during the visit and submits a report, including thermal imaging photos to show to residents where major heat losses are occurring, and a list of follow up actions.

Zero Carbon Guildford and Energy Action Redhill and Reigate hope to create a network of Energy Champions who will carry out home energy surveys and events to support residents wanting to reduce their energy bills and keep warmth in their homes. We are on a mission to find those as passionate as we are about making sure that everyone needing it, receives this help.

Does this sound like you? We have 2 roles which might interest you. Read on to find out more about the role and how you can help.

ROLE: Home Energy Champion

Job Title

Home Energy Champion


Surrey-wide (surveys allocated by geographical location)


1-2 evenings per week, demand dependent


Self-employed, remuneration based on number of surveys completed

Reporting to

Leaky Homes Project Coordinator


Energy Champion training provided by Energise South. Sat Jan 28th


£20 - £25 per survey, including write-up


24th January Application Deadline

The job description

As a Home Energy Champion you will be required to provide tailored suggestions and support, helping residents reduce their energy use, cut fuel bill costs and make their homes easier to keep warm.

This will primarily be based on the Home surveys, using our bespoke survey and infrared camera to identify issues and make suggestions. The Home Energy Champion will undertake the following:

  • Complete the Leaky Homes energy questionnaire with the Householder

  • Identify areas of potential improved efficiency or energy saving measures

  • Supervising/taking pictures using the thermal imaging camera

  • Interpret the results to support improved efficiency or energy saving measures

  • Complete a templated report, with suggestions and observations for the homeowner

  • Review with the project coordinator for any modifications

  • Send to the householder and answer any follow up questions.

What are we looking for

As home energy champion your main role will be to offer suggestions and potential solutions to a wide range of people primarily in their homes. You will have strong communication skills, be a great listener, and empathic with a caring approach. It is important you understand specific challenges faced by households, have a practical approach to solving problems and are comfortable building a rapport with residents. You will be happy to work flexibly and to use your own initiative and judgement to support residents. This could include helping them install simple energy efficiency measures, such as LED bulbs, draught excluders, and radiator reflectors, for example. There could also be opportunities to signpost them to additional support services.

We would also like you to join us at events such as drop in energy advice cafes. Help us, too, to deliver talks to community groups and build links with key local organisations.

Training and expertise

We are looking for Energy Champions who are passionate both about energy and about helping people, rather than formally qualified people. Ideally you will have some practical knowledge of basic energy saving and efficiency approaches. This will be supplemented by our free training which all Energy Champions must attend, on Saturday 28th January at ZERO in Guilford. (Note, training is not mandatory if you already hold Level 3 Energy Awareness, Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) or equivalent qualification.

The training is provided by Energise South and will cover the basics of domestic energy efficiency and the availability of support to residents.

As you may be dealing with vulnerable people in their own homes, you will also need a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate in order to carry out the role. Zero Carbon Guildford will fund the basic DBS check, but you must apply yourself and provide proof of DBS clearance.

How to apply

This role is now closed.

ROLE: Leaky Homes Project Coordinator

Job Title

Leaky Homes Project Coordinator


Flexible home working


2 days per week (0.4 contract)


Self-employed, to March 31st 2023

Reporting to

Zero Carbon Guildford & Energy Action Redhill & Reigate directors


Energy Champion training provided by Energise South on Saturday 28th January 2023


£150 per day


17th Jan 2023 Application Deadline

The job description

As Leaky Homes Project Coordinator you will be required to organise and coordinate the programme of home energy surveys happening across Surrey, organise events and in-person giveaways of energy efficiency materials.. You will also undergo training to be an Energy Champion (on Jan 28th) to ensure you can field incoming queries from homeowners.

The Project Coordinator’s duties will include:

  • complete the Leaky Homes energy questionnaire with the Householder

  • organise & co-ordinate visits to people's homes

  • help to organise events and in-person delivery methods

  • weekly monitoring & reporting of project delivery

  • handle incoming enquiries and make bookings

  • coordinate assessment team diaries

  • coordinate DBS checks and other Energy Champion requirements

  • purchase light touch energy efficiency remedial measures

What are we looking for

As project coordinator you should be confident in liaising with Surrey residents to guide and inform them on suitable solutions to their energy issues. You should also be confident at delivering in-person presentations on energy efficiency measures, and will be supported in developing the materials needed to present at events across the county.

You should have excellent communication and organisational skills, as this role will involve scheduling of home energy surveys with a limited number of thermal imaging cameras, so good organisation is key to the successful delivery of the project.

There is a limited window in which to deliver this project, so the Project Coordinator must be able to work to deadlines, and be flexible and adaptive to ensure the project runs smoothly as it develops, even if the project needs to change for unforeseen circumstances.

Training and expertise

We’re looking for a project coordinator with great organisational skills and proven ability to adapt with the project as it develops. The project coordinator should have good people skills, and be enthusiastic about driving energy-use reduction and helping fellow residents.

The project coordinator must have good knowledge of home energy efficiency measures, and ideally some practical experience in delivering solutions which help homeowners to lower their energy use.

The Project Coordinator may be required to contribute to delivering home energy surveys, and as such must be able to attend Energy Champion training in-person in Guildford on Jan 28th. (Unless the applicant holds Level 3 Energy Awareness, Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) or equivalent qualification.) Attending this training will also ensure the project coordinator understands the process the Energy Champions will be using during surveys, allowing them to answer incoming queries.

As you may be dealing with vulnerable people in their own homes, you will also need a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate in order to carry out the role. Zero Carbon Guildford will fund the basic DBS check, but you must apply yourself and provide proof of DBS clearance.

How to apply

This role is now closed.

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