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Free Energy Surveys For Microbusinesses

The Guildford Sustainable Business Network, Energy Alton, and Community Energy South have partnered up to provide free energy assessments to small businesses in Surrey.

This is a great opportunity to better understand your business' energy needs, and the ways you can save energy, money, and work towards your company's sustainability goals.

Our assessors will need approximately 2 hours inside your building, and will provide recommendations on how to increase the energy efficiency of your building, as we as signposting you to certified installers and potential grant funding. We will highlight any quick energy saving wins, as well as the approach you can take in the longer term to significantly reduce energy use and lower your bills.

There are no restrictions on what sector your business needs to be in, but the funding for this project is provided by SSE, so businesses do need to be located in the SSE coverage area to be eligible.

If you are a small business (10 people or less) located in Waverley, Runnymede, Surrey Heath, or Spelthorne Borough, get in touch with Jen from the Guildford Sustainable Business Network by emailing to secure a FREE Energy Assessment before funding runs out!

Why Get A Business Energy Audit?

Energy assessments are a critical part of building a decarbonisation plan. As an organisation, we would always say that you should never let perfection get in the way of progress! But, you need to understand where you're starting from, so that you can measure and monitor the reduction of emissions and celebrate the milestones on the way to hitting your sustainability targets.

An energy audit can provide a great starting point, with 'energy & buildings' impact likely to make up a decent chunk of your businesses' carbon footprint.

This can be a bot overwhelming if you're just getting started, so why not let us help you break it down into easy components, so that you can focus on some easy wins whilst you look at longer term goals. Drop us an email today.

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