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Leaky Homes Project 

Book a FREE residential energy survey from Zero Carbon Guildford! This Leaky Homes Project ends on March 31st, so get in touch today to book your energy assessment! 


Email with the subject heading 'Energy Survey' to book your visit.

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Zero Carbon Guildford has teamed up with Energy Action Redhill & Reigate to deliver free home energy surveys through the Leaky Homes Project. Funded via UK Power Networks (UKPN) we are able to deliver free energy surveys across a large part of Surrey.

To take advantage of this offer you must live within the UKPN coverage area, which you can check by using this Posctode Checker (UKPN will come up as your provider if you're eligible), or by emailing us to enquire. 

What Is The Leaky Homes Project? 

Zero Carbon Guildford and Energy Action Redhill and Reigate are teaming up to create a network of trained Energy Champions who will carry out home energy surveys and events to support residents wanting to reduce their energy bills and keep their homes cosy.

We will be visiting the homes of local residents to provide tailor-made suggestions on how they could improve their energy efficiency, and potentially save on bills.

Using an infrared camera and standard questionnaire, our trained Energy Champions will conduct home energy assessments, which typically take 30-45 mins, depending on the property. We will provide thermal imaging photos to show residents where major heat losses are occurring, alongside a report which will give you recommendations on how your home can save energy, as well as signposting to potential financial support to undertake these measures. 

Surveys are best done in the evening, when it is cooler outside (and sunlit walls have cooled).

Why Are Home Energy Surveys Important?

Everyone hates waste! But unfortunately, most of us are wasting energy - and therefore money - without even realising it! 

We lose over 30% of the heat from our homes through our walls, and over 50% when you include windows and loft. Home energy surveys can provide tailored guidance on how to reduce this energy waste, and make huge savings on your bills. 

Home energy surveys can help residents identify where their home is leaking energy and wasting money

Book an energy survey!

Want a free home energy survey? 

We'll be delivering FREE home energy advice to residents untl March 31st.

Contact us at: and one of our team will be in touch. 

What Does This Project Achieve? 

Energy Efficiency

Community Cohesion

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What's more, small leaks from around doorways, windows, even your letterbox, that go unnoticed result in your boiler firing more often than needed, and your cosy warm air leaks into the great outdoors. 

Our home energy surveys use a thermal imaging camera to highlight exactly where your areas of heat loss are, thereby providing both quick wins, and longer term improvement suggestions to cut your energy bills. This can also have positive benefits to the health of residents in your home, as cold and damp properties are more likely to cause illness, especially in the respiratory system. 

A whopping 30% of Surrey's emissions are attributed to residential energy - in fact, gas & electricity in our homes are the 2nd largest emissions source after transport! Energy efficiency is therefore a way that we can all contribute to reaching the county's emissions targets, whilst cutting waste and saving money at the same time! It's win-win all round. 

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Aren't Energy Efficiency Retrofit Measures Expensive?

They can be, yes! There's a number of factors to consider when planning retrofit measures - but you don't need to do everything at once, and a home energy survey will highlight where you can best focus your efforts in the short, medium, and long term. You might be surprised how much some small efficiency measures such as draught exclusion, loft hatch covers, and filling any gaps around windows will make! 

Additionally, there are funding mechanisms available for some residents who may be eligible for it. If your household income is less than £30,000 pa (or £20,000 after rent/mortgage) then you might be eligible for up to £25,000 of retrofit measures which could mean your energy bills are a fraction of what you're paying now! 

The Sustainable Warmth grant is available until Spring, and you should contact Action Surrey to find out if you're eligible.

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