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The Guildford River Run

ZERO and Water Rangers will be holding a fun run for Rivers Week! 

Date: Saturday 16th September

Time: 10am - 12pm 

Who: Everyone! Bring your whole family-- it's more fun to dress up together!

Location: Meet us at ZERO. We'll walk/jog/run to Daptune Wharf and back along the river, which is 3.75km.

Theme: Dress in your best aquatic-themed costume!

Why: Raise awareness for for river health and raise funds for ZERO's climate projects!

SIGN UP: All are welcome to join us to fundraise for river and climate projects. Sign up here


Help raise funds for ZERO's climate projects and new community centre!


Our fantastic river quality testing team will be holding a 3.75km run along the Wey in Surrey. During Rivers Week 2023 we'll be holding a range of activities bringing awareness to the state of the UK's rivers, and the 'River Run' is a fun way to get outdoors and support river health in your area.  

We'll be running the river dressed in blue and/or homemade fish costumes to bring awareness to the continued pollution of our essential waterways - a vital part of life and leisure in Surrey - and to raise funds to develop our efforts to reverse this pollution. 

Our fundraising efforts are supporting climate projects at ZERO, including raising money to launch of a 'mini lab' that will allow wild swimmers, kayakers and other river-lovers to monitor bathing water status at a fraction of the current cost. 

Water Rangers helped organize 8 water-themed runs across Canada this year, (check out some fantastic costume ideas below), but this will be the first time we're running in the UK and for such a great cause! 


Some of the competitors in Water Rangers' last River Run

RR route.png

The route: Millmead to Ladymead and back...along the Wey

Collectively, we're aiming to raise £5k which will go directly to supporting to our ever-expanding lists of projects which restore Surrey's countryside, reduce waste locally, and help create healthy, energy efficient homes. 

Zero Carbon Guildford has a Crowdfunder live to support the transition from our current premises, including fundraising for river projects. If you can, please consider donating to ensure our water testing and environmental restoration projects continue to have a permanent home. 

Want to join? Sign up to join us on this family friendly run! 

100% of funds raised will support climate projects in Guildford & Surrey


More entrants in the previous Water Rangers' River Runs

IMG_4958-1 (1)_edited.jpg

More costume ideas from the last River Run

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