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Make ZERO Happen!



Our crowdfunding campaign is now closed, and we're THRILLED to have exceeded our target and raised £11,777.24! The support and generosity of the community has completely blown us away. A HUGE thank you to everyone who's donated.

Every pound we've raised has been crucial in making ZERO what it is today, and allowing us to open the center.


Zero Carbon Guildford is still reliant on donations to keep ZERO running. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do that here.

We’re super excited to announce that Zero Carbon Guildford has secured the use of 14-16 Friary St, Guildford (previously New Look). Now the hard work begins - to turn this empty shop into a vibrant community space. Ready to be used by countless local community groups. Ready to welcome anyone who wants to come and to plan for the future of Guildford on a changing planet, through building food security, reducing energy use and waste, and building cohesion and resilience into our community.

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Your name on the

As a big THANK YOU, anyone who donates           or more will have their name added to our ‘wall of heroes’ - a permanent display to the community that helped build ZERO.

And we’re calling it….ZERO.


But we need your help! Our crowdfund campaign will provide us with the money we need to get ZERO up and running. Please donate if you can, to help make ZERO happen. 

Every pound you donate goes further! 


We have a very generous offer to match all crowdfunding donations up to £10,000! This means that for every £25 donation, ZERO receives £62.50 (£25 donation + £25 matching + £12.50 Gift Aid).

If we can meet our £10,000 crowdfunding target, that will turn into £25,000 with matching and Gift Aid. This is enough to cover the cost of converting the old shop into a beautiful community space and keep it running for 9 months.

Meeting our crowdfunding goal will enable us to convert this former retail space into a vibrant hub, and cover the running costs while we establish the centre. We will use the funds to develop displays for local social and environmental groups, set up interactive exhibitions on climate and environmental issues, kit out our zero waste food shop, and loads more!

Supporting ZERO, in building a community action plan to cope with a changing planet, is an investment in Guildford’s future.

Click here to learn more about how ZERO will help mitigate the Climate and Ecological Crises.

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