E-Cargo Bike Try Before You Buy

What are Electric Cargo Bikes?

Electric Cargo Bikes, or E-cargo bikes, are an emissions-free travel solution, using the technology of electric bikes to make commuting, shopping, deliveries, school runs, and general errands faster, cleaner, and more enjoyable! E-cargo bikes feature built in logistics and storage options tailored to your needs, and come in a variety of styles with inbuilt ‘buckets’, freezer boxes, or even full tuk-tuks! They come in a range of capacities and weight limits to suit almost any user and any job.


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What Does This Project Achieve? 

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Emissions Reduction 


Health & Wellbeing

Some supermarkets like Co-Op (also the first supermarket to install fridges on all fridge units, credit where it's due) have begun switching out their diesel van fleet for E-cargo bikes, and European research shows that within the next decade we could shift 15% of deliveries to cargo bikes, removing a massive amount of pollution and emissions from our streets.

E-Cargo Bike Try-Before-You-Buy Scheme

We believe that electric cargo bikes offer an amazing solution in active travel and sustainable mobility, and we want to raise awareness around these solutions whilst increasing community access to clean transport options. E-cargo bikes offer a transport solution that reduces congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, whilst simultaneously improving health and wellbeing. 


So we are offering electric cargo bike trials in Guildford - for free! Electric cargo bike trial schemes have proven successful in:

  • allowing residents and businesses to discover the benefits of e-cargo bikes before making a financial commitment 

  • rapidly increasing uptake of this clean travel method, as residents fall in love with the versatility of electric bikes

  • improving the health of schoolkids and residents by cutting pollution and congestion around an area’s schools. 


We’ll be offering 1-3 day trials of E-cargo bikes in Guildford, at no cost! Read on for details or simply book your trial here. (we cannot offer e-cargo bike trials until we are open. Keep checking back or sign up to our mailing list to stay informed)

What Problem Is This Addressing?

Transport is now the UK's worst offending sector for emissions, overtaking the energy sector in 2016 (it would be nice to think this was due to clean energy, but a large part of the reduction is due to farming energy supply out to other countries and creative carbon accounting.)

Transport is now responsible for 130 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

In addition, personal and commercial vehicles are the main cuase of several types of air pollution - you only need to look at the black buildings around Guildford gyratory to see how high our town centre levels of air pollution are. 

Benefits Of Electric Cargo Bikes

Where to start! Well firstly, the environmental benefits of electric cargo bikes are massive. Vans now make up around 15% of the traffic on our streets, and account for about 30% of NOx and particulate pollution - a number that’s rising, driven by our consumerist lifestyles.


10-30% of these van journeys could easily be shifted to e-cargo bike deliveries, meaning there is huge potential to significantly cut transport emissions whilst reducing harmful air pollution in our neighbourhoods and easing the courier traffic on our streets.


When you consider that a lone delivery van can produce 10 tons of CO2 emissions per year - on top of the enormous tied in manufacturing emissions - it rams home how critical e-bikes are to bring back clean, breathable cities and neighbourhoods.


Top Tip

As with electric cars, if you want to get the fossil fuel monkey off your back it really matters how you charge your batteries!


Make sure you switch to a 100% renewable electricity provider to ensure your active transport E-cargo bike stays fossil-free!

E-cargo bikes take up less space on the roads, they can take short cuts through pedestrian areas (as long as you dismount of course!), they can use bike lanes and bus lanes, they’re easier to park for residential deliveries, and they’re much easier to recruit riders for if you’re a delivery company.


What’s more...there’s no tax or insurance! There’s no fuel charges! And there’s no compulsory basic training for electric cargo bikes! You can even send your 14 year old to do your weekly shop whilst you put your feet up! 


Not only are they hugely more cost-effective for businesses and residents alike, they are very lightweight compared to a traditional scooter or motorbike, with no engine or heavy machinery weighing it down, meaning e-cargo bikes are easy to manoeuvre, easy to store, and easy for any individual to handle competently on the road. The tricycle versions mean that even the least confident cyclists can feel secure on the road. 

Electric Cargo Bike Trials In Guildford

We will offer 2-3 days hire of a cargo bike - at absolutely no cost to you! All we need is a deposit, which is fully refunded on return, and some ID. Each user needs their own insurance, but this is a quick process which we will guide you through before you collect your trial bike. 


You can take advantage of this scheme either as a Guildford resident, or a local business looking to decarbonise your travel and transport operations. 


You will be able to use the booking form below to reserve your trial period from Day 1 of opening of Zero Carbon Guildford’s premises. We’re hoping to get open soon, so check back for opening details, or better yet sign up to our mailing list to stay on top of opening news, offers and events, and all other activities scheduled for our launch!