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A cosy home is a healthy home

Over 550 Surrey homes have benefitted from our Home Energy Advice Taskforce visits in 2024. Book yours today! 

About the Home Energy Advice Taskforce

We've trained nearly 70 Energy Champions from community groups across Surrey, so that our Home Energy Advice Taskforce (HEAT) Energy Champions can deliver free in person energy visits to their neighbours and communities!

Our Energy Champions are trained to help their neighbours and communities to reduce their energy bills and find funding for energy efficiency measures, keep their homes warm and cosy, reducing the risk of ill health, and to reduce the carbon footprints of their homes as part of a collaborative goal to tackle climate change. 

There are no strings attached. We deliver this service via grant-funding; we have nothing to sell and nothing to gain financially, so we are totally impartial.

Whilst reducing energy costs is the main motivator for a survey, the 2nd most popular reason from 800+ applications is reducing emissions, reflecting the 68% of Surrey residents who think it is 'extremely' or 'very' important to take action on climate and environment. You can use this form to register for a free in-person energy visit. If you are eligible then a local Energy Champion will visit your home at a time that is convenient for you. 

Note: Our Energy Champions are not Retrofit Assessors, they cannot conduct Energy Performance Certificate ratings or provide specific recommendation such as heat pump sizing or make. Our Energy Champions will never solicit a fee, and if someone knocks on your door claiming to be part of the HEAT team, and requesting payment for a survey, they are not part of HEAT.

  • 4.92  rating out of 5!

  • Visits last 60-90 mins

  • Thermal imaging in winter

  • Free remedial measures

  • Written report & reccommendations

Book yourself a HEAT visit today and join the 550 Surrey residents who have taken advantage of this service in 2024. 

Our Energy Champion visits last between 60 -90 minutes. They will chat to you about any issues you have, and then conduct a thermal imaging survey with our state of the art cameras. We will then send you a written report with energy saving recommendations and any grant funding we think you're eligible for. 

HEAT is entirely grant funded, so the service is free for any eligible Surrey resident. We have around 485,000 homes in Surrey, and approximately 300,000 of those have energy efficiency ratings of D or below, or no rating at all! That's 2/3 of our housing stock that is thermally inefficient. costing our residents more money, creating a health risk, and generating unnecessary emissions. That's why we set up the HEAT programme, and why we're back  by Surrey County Council and Greater South East Energy Hub to work together as communities and tackle energy waste.

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