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ZERO: Climate & Nature Themed Art Exhibition

ZERO is hosting its first art exhibition!


Over the weekend May 13th -15th we'll have 2 rooms of installations from local artists from Guildford and Surrey on display. 

Curated by local artist Grace Saint, our climate and nature art exhibition is designed to engage audiences on the climate and environmental crisis we face, as well as stir inspiration derived from nature. 

You can see further details about the event on our EVENTS page, and scroll down for information on the artists and the pieces they are displaying. A cut of proceeds from sales of pieces will go to Zero Carbon Guildford to help us continue our work on community organising to tackle climate change and environmental degradation. 

Room 1

Sarah Dwyer

Inner Self

Size: 84 x 60 cm

Price: £400

As a sustainability focused London based artist, Sarah creates mixed media artworks using foraged natural materials such as sand, brick and dust, as well as homemade botanical inks, produced from coffee grounds and onion skins. Inspired by Wabi-Sabi she looks to bring a sense of nature into the home.

Inner Self is a meditation piece.  Its warm coffee tones and textures centred around  recycled coffee filters and coffee grounds promotes deep self reflection.

Sarah Dwyer Inner Self.jpeg

Johnny Somersett

Weary Comrade

Size: 76 x 56 cm

Price: £250 (Artist requested 30% of sale goes to Zero Carbon Guildford)

Johnny is an ethical local tattoo artist and painter whose practice centres sustainable and low waste materials and methods.


Weary Comrade is a tattoo reinterpretation of La Tarrasque by Charles Lepec. He has used ink, spit and water on Arches Cold Pressed to create this monotone design.

Johnny Somersett Weary Comrade.jpg

Lauren Thompson

Woman in Flames

Size: 16 x 20″  (x3) + frame 24 x 18"

Price: £600

lauren thompson left.jpg
lauren thompson middle.jpg
lauren thompson right.jpg

Lauren employs distorted photographs with slow shutter effects to explore the underpinnings of our psyches and the personas that emerge from them. We can only see so far into that tightly enclosed space of Thompson’s figures, their dances, and the streams of consciousness that dictate them, but we are still prompted to practice empathy, to connect with these moods and to see ourselves and others accordingly. If given the proper attention, our viewing of her work can achieve a collective unfurling.


Woman in Flames explores dual themes: ones internal state and the external state of the planet. This triptych is available as a limited edition run of 10 prints.

Ellen Ball

Patient Monitoring Series

Size: 20 x 18 cm

Price: £60

Ellen’s artwork centres around elements found within nature, the sublime, and the ‘other’. Combining ideas about the natural world and the intangibility of the sublime experience, she shifts between notions of hope, failure, and wonder. Her most recent focus has been monitoring and care, and how they are enmeshed with the self as well as the natural world.

The Patient Monitoring collection comprises three collages, with images of plants, hands, and medical equipment. Here, she is depicting the relationship between horticulture as ‘self care’ and the intense focus on health and symptom monitoring that we have experienced as a result of the Covid pandemic. 

Ellen Ball Lupins - Patient monitoring.jpg
Ellen Ball Narcissus - Patient monitoring.jpg

Narcissus  / Patient Monitoring 2

Lupins / Patient Monitoring 1

Ellen Ball Lavender - Patient Monitoring.jpg

Lavender / Patient Monitoring 3

Alan Thorogood

Stars over Kielder

Size: 40 x 30 cm

Price: £100

Alan is an Art and Design student at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation. At the early stages of his practice, he is experimenting with various media including acrylic, ink and collage.


Stars over Kielder depicts the bright night sky from the Kielder observatory in Northumberland, famed for its view of the Milky Way.

Uriya Jurik

Metaphysical Landscape

Size: 300 x 300 cm 

Price: £2500

Appropriating nomadic traditions from her homeland Kazakhstan, multimedia artist Uriya Jurik embraces found and organic media including sheep bones and wool.

Intertwining quantum theory with ancient wisdom, her metaphysical objects and landscapes challenge the audience’s perception of reality. Her work aims to raise collective consciousness to enhance the wellbeing of the planet.


Metaphysical Landscape embraces felt’s chaotic constitution, the installation makes palpable the entanglement of the Universe which evolves through us – tiny and vulnerable wool fibres in the infinite interconnected tapestry of the world.

Uriya Jurik Do I dare.jpg

Do I Dare

Price: £350

“Do I dare disturb the Universe?.. Shall we use the universe as the toy model, tweak a few things, and see what happens?” – Karen Barad. This is the searing question that comes to my mind as I accidentally stab myself in the process of needle felting. It’s a wakeup call.

Uriya Jurik Expanding consciousness.jpg
Uriya Jurik Shrine .jpg


Price: £850

Shrines have been created and used by many cultures around the world for thousands of years. In the midst of world turmoil, this work raises awareness of the important practice of creating space and time to develop conscious relationships with ourselves to find existential meaning and to contribute to collective wellbeing.

Wessex Projects


Size: 120 x 50 x 40cm

Price: £750

Wessex Projects is a collaboration between sisters Mirren Kessling and Agnes Kessling. They create limited edition runs of path-wear, artworks, food and wearable objects. They initiated projects in Wessex and invited collaborations with artists, designers and makers.


Megaliths gives viewers the opportunity to commune with the stones whilst their collection of clothing offers those sporting the path-wear designs in which to connect to the land.


Hot Pagan Summer

Size: 30 x 50cm approx

Price: £30 - £50

Wessex Projects Monolith.jpeg
Wessex Projects Hot Pagan Summer.jpeg
Wessex Projects Hot Pagan Summer 2.jpg

Grace Saint

Umbilical Cords

Size & price:

30 x 30cm x 100cm (h), £140

18 x 18cm x 100cm (h), £80

9 x 9cm x 100cm (h), £40

+1m (h), £1400

Grace’s practice both celebrates and critiques religious iconography and rituals in an aim to explore what a 'religious experience' now looks or feels like to those who are deconstructing their faith.


Umbilical Cords is a collection of suspended sculptures having birthed conceptually with a nod to the ancient Hindu tradition of forming Shiva Jattas with the hair in order to connect to the sun for a spiritual transfer of energy. Viewers are invited to stand under the sculptures made of recycled and reclaimed materials to experience a connection to the sun.

Grace Saint Umbilical Cords.jpg

Room 2

Fahmida Choudhury

Zero Waste Scheme

Size: 30 x 30cm (x3)

Price: £5

As a zero waste artist, Fahmida created a scheme in which students are able to partner with charities to upcycle items which were initially reserved for the landfill.


Zero Waste Scheme is a triptych of handcrafted lino prints achieved using UCA facilities and printing ink which were donated by a charity to the University. Inspired by spring and nature, Fahmida has given a new life to these discarded fabrics and hopefully a new home. 

Emma Johanna


Size: 42 x 30cm

Price: £200

Emma’s paintings grow from notions of wonder and divinity in the intricate workings of ecology, and are informed by practical work with sustainable horticulture. Drawing from inner visions often conjured while hiking or foraging, Emma brings her imaginings to life with watercolour pencils and acrylic paint on cartridge paper. 


Nature is commonly perceived as a space inherently separate from humanity. So what is our role in this ecosystem? Seedling speaks to a sensation of being humbled by nature, while nurturing a desire to participate in it directly. Organic and cosmic elements merge with ideas of reverence, stewardship, and spiritual ecology.

Emma Johanna Seedling.jpg

El Raw

Price of Greed

Size 42 x 60cm

Price: £150

El is a queer, disabled Guildford based artist whose work integrates their love of colour, pattern and the abstract with elements of design and typography. In their work El explores themes around anti-capitalism, the climate crisis and disability justice, drawing inspiration from their own experiences and the postmodern societal critique as well as the political commentary of modern street art.


Price of Greed explores the impact of devastating environmental pollution on our oceans and aims to bring to the forefront not just one of the main victims of this destruction, marine life, but also shines a light on the companies who are perpetrating this ecocide and hiding their greed behind decades of greenwashed lies.

El Raw Price of Greed.jpg

Luan Barber-Norton

Much to Think About

Size: A5

Price: £8

Protect Trans Lives

Size: A4

Price: £12

Luan B-N Protect Trans Lives.jpg
Luan B-N No Thoughts Head Empty.png

No Thoughts, Empty Head

Size: A5

Price: £8

Luan B-N Hold Own Hand.png

Hold Your Own Hand

Size: A4

Price: £12

Luan is a queer, non binary artist hoping to make someone smile with their artwork. All pieces are printed using recycled paper and any orders bought are packaged as sustainable and eco friendly as possible. 


From silly 90's cartoon network shows to the people and places around them, Luan's brain is full to the brim with so much art. Most of their pieces are based on their emotions and experiences but told in a cute, goofy way to make a relatable piece something even more special. Multiples available

Luan B-N Much To Think About.png

Johnny Somersett

The Enemy In The Skies

Size: 75 x 56cm 


Price: £350 (Artist requested 30% of sale goes to Zero Carbon Guildford)

The Enemy In The Skies engages the mix of USA war imagery mixed with Japanese iconography and scenic elements to represent the horrific show of strength in Hiroshima.

Johnny Somersett The Enemy In The Skies.jpg

After suffering with a head injury in 1985, White used his practice as rehabilitation and as a result came to addressing the climate crisis with sculptural objects amongst other mediums.

Xavier White

Xavier White X's Stretch.jpeg

Nurse The Earth

Size: 32 x 32cm

Price: £70 (Artist requested 50% of sale goes to Zero Carbon Guildford)


Nurse The Earth addresses the need for humanity to unite with a ‘nurse the earth’ mantra in order to choose the right direction regarding our finite resources.

Xavier White Costing The Earth.JPG

Costing the Earth

Size: 30 x 15 x 15 cm

Price: £50  (Artist requested 50% of sale goes to Zero Carbon Guildford)

Costing the Earth is made entirely of recycled materials and addresses the continuous extraction of oil and the marks it leaves.

Xavier White Nurse Earth.jpeg

X's Stretch

Size: 32 x 32cm

Price: £ 70 (Artist requested 50% of sale goes to Zero Carbon Guildford)

X’s Stretch is about the decision fatigue White faced at COP26 regarding individual efforts to preserve our environment.

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